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Misato Katsuragi's Journal

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11th July 2003

11:06pm: I heard that Shinji and Rei are no longer allowed access to NERV without an escort.

Somehow this doesn't surprise me.

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28th June 2003

7:27pm: Well...
It's been an interesting week. I was rather surprised that Aida-kun was suspended. I would have expected Suzuhara-kun before him! Everyone else was shocked as well and I had a number of kids ask me what he did exactly. Felt a bit helpless because I didn't have an answer.

Kaworu is looking better, which is good, and Shinji is clearly happy to have him back, which is even better.

Better get back to my lesson plans!

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Current Mood: angry

19th June 2003

2:42pm: The weather is hotter...
...and so are some of the journal entries lately. I'm no prude, but I think we learnt more about Suzuhara-kun's dreams than we really needed to know.

*Sigh* I'm trying to revise my teaching schedule, but it's hard to think when it's hot and all I wanna do is lie in the sun in a bikini with a cold beer.

Hmmm... wonder if I could manage to sneak a little sunbathing in during the next swim class. Probably would have to forgo the beer though...
Current Mood: lethargic

10th June 2003

1:26pm: So he's back
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Current Mood: contemplative

4th March 2003

9:53am: In the dark
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Current Mood: angry

26th February 2003

8:49am: Update on Kaworu
I went to see Kaworu last night, he seems to be doing okay and I will continue to check up on him. I think he needs alot of rest and that's why he can't have visitors yet. The woman I spoke to couldn't tell me exactly what was wrong with him, but I'll try to get more information.

His room is rather bare, perhaps all of you would like to give me some cards and flowers to liven it up?

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Current Mood: discontent

21st February 2003

4:27pm: What is going on?
I've just been told that Kaworu collapsed... Can anyone tell me -exactly- what happened? Ritsuko?

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Current Mood: confused

19th February 2003

1:01pm: Hmmm...
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Current Mood: worried
9:25am: I haven't been very good about keeping this journal up-to-date, have I? Gomen... gomen... I've had things on my mind and a live journal isn't one of them! However, I'll try to be better at updating from now on.

Ritsuko... I'm sorry I was such a flake during the class trip - typical me, ne? Would love to get together for a chat sometime when you're free.

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9th February 2003

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Current Mood: melancholy

8th February 2003

9:44am: The first night
Disembarked without incident and found the inn easily enough. I was a bit astonished... when Akira told me about it I thought 'Oh, nice little traditional place'. So being faced with a large, multistory building was a bit of a shock and if it wasn't for Keiko standing in the doorway I would've wondered if I read the directions wrong.

Anyway, it's a nice place... Western style beds and all... very comfortable.

I feel too tired to write more...

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Current Mood: sad

7th February 2003

9:49am: The journey so far...
Has been very good... no major disasters (not that I expected it!). I surprised myself by managing to get up in time this morning, dropping Pen Pen off with a neighbour and making it to the station by 8.25. Yatta! ^^

I managed to get us all some excellent seats despite the crowds (amazing what a little flirting will do ^_~).

And so far the weather has been clear, although cold (naturally!!).

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Current Mood: happy

30th January 2003

8:18pm: FINALLY!
All systems are go! Ritsuko has agreed to come and therefore sign for Rei. I don't know how I'm going to thank the boys... I'll think of something! Anyway, I called Naomi and told her how many were coming and so forth. She's very excited about having the kids over... I didn't have the heart to tell her that they were a troublesome bunch ^_~.

Anyway, must go and make a list of what people need to bring, get the tickets for the shinkansen and so on and so on...
Current Mood: giddy

27th January 2003

11:03am: Well...
Things seem to be on track for the Sapporo trip. I've had signed permission slips from most of the parents/guardians of 9A (naturally I signed Shinji's since Commander Ikari gave me autonomy over him...). The only problems are Reiayanami00 and Kaworuangel_tabris. Hopefully Ritsuko will accept my plea that they be allowed to go. I have to get this sorted out by Wednesday...

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Current Mood: working

13th January 2003

8:02pm: Hmmm...
I haven't written anything for a while, just been so busy with the school stuff AND also trying to beat the 'back-to-work blues'! You'd think that the idea would be to _ease_ staff and students back into the work rather than just go 'pow!' and expect everyone to automatically work like mad.

Shinji is still with Kaworu and I _still_ haven't heard from him... I decided not to force the issue, but... sometimes I wonder if I should do it anyway. Perhaps I'll pop round to see the kitten...

I've also been distracted by something elseCollapse )
Current Mood: confused

3rd January 2003

4:35pm: Back!
Hello all! Have just returned from Hokkaido and am totally exhausted - had to change trains about twice and nearly lost one of my bags. Anyway, had a wonderful time - went skiing and to hot springs and chatted alot with my old friend (who tried to set me up with a eligible man, but that's another story!). I've got gifts for everyone, but am almost too tired to move, in fact I'm going to stop typing and fall into bed as soon as I've posted this. Shinji, I hope you and Kaworu are ok and had a good holiday. Hikari, I'll pick Pen Pen up tomorrow, ok?

Current Mood: exhausted

21st December 2002

8:58am: Happy Holidays!
Argh... it's been so hectic - wrapping up things for school and so on... that I have had time to post recently. Anyway, I'm off to Hokkaido now and will be away for a couple of weeks.

Hikari - I'll drop Pen-Pen at your place on the way.

Kaworu and Shinji - I'll be dropping by with some presents and the spare keys (if you need them). Can you keep an eye on the apartment while I'm away? Thanks!

Right, i have to go... BYE-BYE!
Current Mood: excited

12th December 2002

10:55am: Under control...
My emotions are at least... I'm not so sure about my work schedule. It has been very hectic and I've had barely time to breathe, let alone update this journal. I'm looking forward to the dance though (Hikari, thank you So much for all your help!!)... even if I'm being told that that my role is to 'oversee' the students and to ensure that no 'unfortunate incidents' occur - which reminds me... Toji and Kaworu, you have NO IDEA how fast I had to talk after what happened (yes, you were seen by a teacher!) to make sure the dance didn't get cancelled.

Another reason why I didn't update earlier was that I didn't want to let loose all the feelings that came spilling out the moment I saw Shinji at school... I'm glad Kaworu's looking out for him (and that he warned me ahead of time otherwise I would've probably exploded), but if I EVER find out who was responsible for... well, let's just say that I'm a damn good shot...

The holidays are coming up soon and I'm looking forward to a few days of rest. I actually got a surprise email from a very old friend who's asked me to spend some time with her in Hokkaido. I'd like to go... it would be nice to get away, but I don't know if I can leave Sh... everyone...
Current Mood: busy

10th December 2002

9:08am: Mixed feelings...
So Shinji is back... thank you for letting me know Kaworu.. How ironic that one of the people I used to consider suspect is now the only person I seem to be able to get any information from!

Yes, I am feeling bitter... and angry... as well as relieved. I also feel disappointed and sad that Shinji doesn't feel that he can even _hint_ to me that there is something on his mind. After everything, I would've liked to have thought that I merited something... clearly I've been deluding myself.
Current Mood: depressed

9th December 2002

1:53pm: Numb...
I don't really feel anything right now, just a sort of numbness. I guess I've been pushed beyond frustration and worry now...

Still no word from Shinji and all the searching (thanks to everyone who helped!) haven't revealled anything. I haven't been able to get hold of Ritsuko - she's also absent today - so I can't confirm whether Shinji is doing some work for her... work in the broadest sense of the word that is. I have a strong suspicion that she's working on _something_ to do with the Eva pilots, but I keep getting doors closed in my face everytime I ask.

Anyway, I've managed to get through the school day so far... checking my messages every spare chance I can, just in case.

Shinji, there better be a _good_ explanation for all this...
Current Mood: blank

8th December 2002

11:49am: What the hell do I do now?
I'm swearing worse than the proverbial sailor and am half out of my mind...

Shinji's gone and I don't know where he is.

*deep breath* I suppose I should start from the beginning...

On Friday I didn't see him around at school, but that's not too surprising as I don't teach 9A on Fridays and I don't start teaching the homeroom until next week now. So I wasn't too concerned and I was busy putting together some tests for the sex-ed classes and prepping for the health and nutrition classes starting next week as well. I went out for a drink (or two... three... you get the idea) after school and didn't get back until late. Shinji's door was closed and I assumed he was asleep already.

Saturday - I got up VERY late and knocked on Shinji's door. No answer, so I opened it and saw that his bed was neatly made. I figured he'd gone out with Kaworu.

Then I caught up on the journals and I think my heart stopped for a couple of beats.

So all last night and well into the morning I've been looking everywhere I can think of. I haven't been able to get hold of Ritsuko and Maya assures me that Shinji hasn't been called away by his father - _as far as she knows_.

Has he run away agin? If so, why? If he hasn't run away, why hasn't anyone TOLD me where he is? They know I'll worry...
Current Mood: worried

6th December 2002

8:59am: Yawn
Could I possibly be more tired? I was so swamped by work on Monday that I had barely time to think... I was late again and the Principal called me in (again - he gets a kick out of it, I _swear_). We argued as usual and then he said that he wanted to cancel the kick-boxing classes... grrr... so that I could concentrate on preparing the sex ed classes (Yes, Asuka the boys and girls classes ARE going to be separated.) and also to prepare for taking over the 9A homeroom class - which happens on Friday.

I'm also concerned by Ritsuko's recent behaviour. She's being more closed-mouthed than usual and I believe she has been calling Rei in to her office quite a few times. She refuses to tell me anything - "It's not your concern, Misato" - even when I say that the welfare of the kids IS my concern.
Current Mood: tired

30th November 2002

2:27pm: Weekend!
I didn't think it could come soon enough!

So in review, this past week has been a mixed bag. I'm glad I've gotten over my... er... problem with Kaworu and that we managed to hash things out to a reasonable level. Now, if only I could manage to sit down with _Shinji_ for five minutes and have a talk to him. Still, he does seem to be asseting himself much better now, so that's a positive sign.

Of course school is still being problematic, not just for him, but also for _me_. I knew there was a reason why I never chose the teaching profession... However, I don't think I'm doing that badly - clashes with other members of staff (or rather the jerk known as Principal) aside - and I seem to be fairly popular amounst the students. Hmmm... maybe I should be a bit worried about that... what have Aida and Suzuhara been saying? Speaking of those two, I really should have _words_ with Mr Aida about video-taping Kaworu and Shinji's detentions...

Although at least this way I know that they did the detentions... I was so tired on Friday that I fell asleep in my office and didn't wake up for at least two hours! But S & K are trustworthy, so it's ok... sort of... ^_^;

However, during the staff meeting on Friday I learnt that next week is likely to get worse... The principal announced that 'health' lessons would be starting, to 'teach our students about the dangers that await them' - or in plain English: To teach the students about safe sex...

As if they don't know about it already! Sheesh!

And of course, like an idiot, I leaned over to Ritsuko and muttered: "What poor sap are they going to get to teach THAT class?" And she looked at me with that smugly amused smile of hers and I KNEW it was going to be me... GAH!

At least I'm going to be allowed to start the special self-defence lessons next week as well as the kick-boxing classes. That'll be one way to deal with the frustration.
Current Mood: indescribable

26th November 2002

9:30pm: Oh my
That's a rather inadequate phrase for exactly what I'm feeling right now, but I've already vented the worst of my feelings (of course this means that I'm going to have to get a new front light and apologise to the owner of the fence I drove in to...). Argh! Was I THIS STUPID when I was their age? *Sighs* probably... but I thought they were more sensible... or at least Shinji was! ARGH! ARGH! Now the principal is threatening to suspend them for "lewd behaviour" and is questioning MY fitness as Shinji's gaurdian for "closing my eyes to events that culminated in this _regrettable_ display".


I _really_ wanted to shoot him then...

But I can't do anyone much good behind bars.

*deep breath* I do know that hormones can be a bitch... believe me, I know... and I know how much it means to want to physically touch the object of your affection. So I can't be TOO mad...

So dinner is still on, Shinji and Kaworu... Just _try_ to behave now, ok?

Damn... I think I'm jealous too...
Current Mood: frustrated

21st November 2002

9:01am: Feeling better...
Looking back on my journal entries so far I feel quite embarrassed... All doom and gloom!

Kaworu (yes, note that I'm actually calling him _Kaworu_ now) came and talked to me... quite frankly. Some of what he said was, to be honest, a big shock and I don't think I reacted _that_ well at first. But I took a long drive and just thought about our conversation over a couple of hours and basically came to the conclusion that even if I can't quite bring myself to _entirely_ trust him, I can accept the olive branch he's extended out to me. It will certainly make things easier on Shinji if we get along... or rather that I'm not being openly hostile. I'm still not sure if I'm happy with Kaworu's revelations, but it's good to have things out in the open - I have enough secrets to deal with as it is!

Of course there is the added benefit that I can now tease Shinji and Kaworu mercilessly... haha!

Well, better check my messages from the principal - see what else the moron has for me... Probably be something about the homeroom teacher whome I hear is leaving soon...
Current Mood: optimistic
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